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LOIS BARTON             Artist Statement           



The act of painting can be a battle between the artist’s emotional response, fleeting impressions and illusions of the natural world around them. Intellect aided by intuition eventually imposes order to the elements involved. This order becomes the visual form of the painting that can be interpreted by the viewer in a way that is personal to them.


I strive to bring order to a chaotic beginning of a painting using anything that is available to create a texture, make a mark, reflect the light, or distress the surface.  I tend to identify as much with the process of making art as well as the final result.  I prefer to take more risks and discover more possibilities. Much of my inspiration is derived from reconstruction of memories, daily experiences and intuition.


I believe that my background as a ceramic artist and sculptor has influenced my approach to painting. Being familiar with building on a surface and making marks, finds its way into my working with paints, inks, encaustics and collage materials. Artists that have captured the essence of spontaneity and a sense of life in their work have influenced me.